A mystical land of shimmering temples, picturesque paddy fields, and grisly history, the Southeast Asian Kingdom of Cambodia has ascended from the ashes of decades of genocide and civil war to become one of the region’s most vibrant and most diverse tourist destinations.
The country is most famous for being home to the world’s largest religious building, Angkor Wat. Cambodia’s breathtaking temple is a symbol of national pride and even features on the country’s flag, which is the only national flag on any building. 


  • Official name: The Kingdom of Cambodia
  • Capital: Phnom Penh
  • Currency: US dollar (USD) officially used, Khmer riel (KHR) is only for small transactions.
  • Area: 181,035km²
  • Population: ~15 million
  • Language: Khmer (official), French, English
  • Religion: Theravada Buddhist 96%, Christianity 2%, Muslim 2%
  • Country code: +855
  • Time Zone: UTC +7

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